The walking and lightening of the weight helps in the protection from illness of diabetes

To walking and lightening of the weight helps in preventing spreading of illness of diabetes from the faction 2.The persons be possible for the more target for danger the injury in illness of diabetes that lessens from the dangerous injury to the half, simply by means of the walking period 30 minutes in today and slight reduction in the weight.

As that taking of disk one from aalmytfwrmyn (jlwkwfaaj, aabwfaaj, jlwkwmyn, jlwfwr) from Sean him that lessens from the dangerous injury as much the third about. This she the conclusions which reached follows her the study wide so far which knock of the protection from illness of diabetes from kind 2 occurred about, or illness diabetes of stubborn big. Already search results were, who leased him the national institute for the health in the United States NIH, agitator for the wonders then was complete aanhaau'h before year from his planned appointment. The study showed that he the walking suffices so not there need to running the marathon or the death is hunger for the protection from illness of diabetes the stubborn persons who I have them workers dangerous for the injury in the illness. The participants in the study lessened from and nagging them on the average 6,75 kg. The big question he: How be possible identify the persons who in their possibility the benefit from this results? In diabetes from the kind 2, the body loses afforded him on use of the insulin in effective form. This illness widespread after age the 40 years. Faction of the people the more target for the injury in illness of diabetes includes: Possessors of the black skin, possessors of the Spanish origins, the persons aalbdnaa', the persons who suffers approaches them from illness of diabetes and the stricken women in my drunkenness the load. The study included 3234 persons from the two subject Americans with a ratio of high for danger the injury, after that noons examination of endurance aaljlwkwz that them the drunkenness in good form does not use. Gave for some associated educations for athletic moderate measure of exercises and reduction 5 - 7% their weights, while taking of other aalmytfwrmyn, and receives other disks of the illusive medicine (Placebo) which effective article does not contain on. After three years, in the group which the weight lessened from and the walking performed in dangers of the injury in the sugar decreased with a ratio of 58%. The agitator for the interest that he stubborn the elderly, above age 60 years, decreased the dangerous injury with a ratio of 71%, while in the group which the illusive medicine collected on, 11% the persons in illness of diabetes hit in all the one years searching.

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