New discovery of hormone production of the insulin for cure of diabetes catalyze

Practical modern study discovered leased her researchers from the medical center at the University of cocks in the United States of America about new hormone for him protective characteristics and opposition for rise level of the drunkenness in the blood and grow up him plenty of breath old insulin characteristics, and his secretion is complete also cells of the pancreas, and that according to what studies came in group mice occurred on the experiences
The new hormone
Basem introduces TLQP - 21, and the study point out that this hormone for him big power on catalysis of secretion the old insulin, as noon stubborn his of attempt on the mice, and as as soon as he ends inside of human body keeps cells of the pancreas the poisonous articles and the harmful workers the present

This results in modern study came patrol of metabolism spread in acetic Cell Metabolism. , and that in the issued number in third of month current July, and supporting was complete her material by means of organization researches of drunkenness the children JDRF, and as your lowness the institute the national for the health the matter and as your lowness the institute the national for the American health. The study added that this hormone will open wake up new for protection acetic of house present in the pancreas and Ali keeps her in form be true me, and she is sharp acetic kinds which production of the insulin for organization of even straightens in aaljlwkwz in the blood, noticeable until the hormone when was complete injected him in the modified genentic mice for catalysis the injury in illness the drunkenness from the kind second, was for him major impact in improvement of demonstrations the illness after their injury in him, and increased mn from average of secretion the old insulin in big form, and as except speaking any harmful effects on the mice oasis when big doses from the hormone collected on, where average accuracies of the turning does not perceive or operation of the hDm in any damage.

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