Olive leaf to treat diabetes

Says ' Al-Hashemi gueddar currently face prosecution ' confident tone: ' that diabetics breathe a sigh of relief ', attributed his optimism to a coup-several of his patients positively since their use of olive leaf.

Al-Hashimi who flouts explains herbal medicine with Western suburb of Algeria, the way medication olive leaf is very simple, based on boiling distillery leaflets in her extract bottles that are normal after consumption through her suck frequently as if the patient was drinking a cup of coffee or tea. competent supports Hamid Hashmi said owner gueddar currently face prosecution in terms of the large response to diabetes, these sugar rates, set away from the use of insulin needles, explains the owner that he advised his patients to use three cups of Olive leaf extract every day.

Focuses of Suleiman Othman Saidi Belkacem and the imperative not to confuse people with diabetes between the olive leaf and other medicines, as recommended in the case of the consumer of olive leaf extract, stop bowing to the rest of the treatments, while maintaining control of sugar regularly. Belkacem and Saidi notes that the best feasible olive leaf for diabetes, are green good bitter taste, and crushed by the boiled and abuse her extract by eating dates.

Pat medication that way impresses the Algerians, especially those who are tired of the long treatment and their bodies complain of progressive necrosis of insulin needles, and shown on, slim, and Rabia, Karima wetsadit and others, certainly in the ability of this natural recipe to achieve what it failed to chemical drugs does not sing and not just sugar water from hunger.

In contrast, Mohamed belhadj to diabetes solutions lie in specialized treatment, and the need to start in the early detection of disease to avoid complications in the future, and promote the formation of medical specialists in nutrition and diabetes. View of belhadj, who heads the Algerian Committee against diabetes, bet lies in reducing the incidence of this disease by 1 percent lead to reduced mortality by 25 percent, as long as the repercussions of his diabetes by 14 percent of heart and vascular clots and 27 percent of stroke and kidney. ISA bodish focuses on the imperative of combating the epidemic of diabetes explosion by changing lifestyles and greater movement, weight reduction to avoid complications of vascular occlusion of the arteries and more than 300,000 have heart disease, I have quite a few, as well as the incidence of brain arteries crisis 60,000 people and injured 400,000 people's eyesight, kidneys and nerves to the hundreds of thousands of others.

For his part, the President of the Federation of Nurettin boucetta associations with diabetes, suffering a non-believers, and the lack of people with diabetes in remote areas to health care, at a time when the bride reveal boderdh about the proliferation of scary for diabetes among children under 15 years, 1600 new cases annually and increase of between 3 to 4 percent each year.

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