Causes of diabetes

Genetics:genetics play an important role in diabetes, individuals of whom were parents with diabetes are more susceptible to infection than others.

Or a descendant of a family with a family history of this disease infections

Obesity: believes that type 2 diabetes (non-insulin-dependent) is linked to obesity, obesity reduces the effectiveness of insulin. And some studies suggest that obese people who store fat in the upper section of the body more susceptible to diabetes than those who accumulate fat in the lower limbs.

It can be said generally that diabetes is common among all fat categories that do not physically active, it is rare to find in the thin

Age: diabetes increases with age and higher rates at older ages.
Generally when people are getting over 40 especially women.

Physical activity: The lack of physical activity is an important factor for occurrence of non-insulin-dependent diabetes,
lack of physical activity affects the interaction between insulin and his receptor and thus lead to the

emergence of diabetes

The change in lifestyle and food: the communities that changed rapidly in the lifestyle and food are less physically active life
and increased intake of food are more prone to diabetes. And believes that improvement in quality of life and length of life, improved nutrition and control of infectious diseases, increased diagnosis

Pregnancy:pregnancy is believed to increase the risk of diabetes. Although the disease during pregnancy

is usually temporary. 

Infections: epidemiological studies demonstrate that viral or bacterial infections play a role in type 1 diabetes

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