Advice for patients of diabetes

Diabetes of he is chronic disease, however the coexistence with him possible matter Advice for patients diabetes of it present that the plenty from the will and the perseverance be beautified in, and the observance in educations the doctor

There advice for patients of diabetes stimulate the persons who illness of diabetes from the kind suffers from second, on visit of the doctor all three to six months, in continuous form, and that in order to measure of the tests and the examinations which observation of status and agreement way of the cure for the changes aims to their which it is possible that formation occurred on prevented them.
Likewise, over there need for measure examinations of annual in order to discovery of presence (emergence) problems in the two eyes or in the colleges.
The doctors present advice for patients diabetes of it that the doctor forges all three to six months, in order to: Observation and continuation the even drunkenness in the blood I have you, and the changes which Ali occurred her since the examination charitable: The doctor occurs evaluation for range of the need for change or modification method of the cure .fHS blood pressure: aaHrSwaa on that blood pressure remains I have you alkalifies from 80/130. If hit in rise of blood pressure were, aasaalwaa your doctor in the event of Ali was be necessary you observation of blood pressure in the house also .

fHS palms of the two feet: For the detection about presence of marks for wounds or pollutions or other her the problems in palms the two feet .

fHS the hemoglobine A1c or similar examination (Glycosylated hemoglobin test or Glycohemoglobin): If levels of the drunkenness in their were blood stable and change manner of the cure does not be complete, so who possible measure of this examination all six months.
All six months:
Visit doctor of the ages straightened in, bitter in all six months, in order to the confirming from lack presence of problems in the gum.
Once a year:
Ophthalmologist forged (Ophthalmologist) or specialist of the eyes (Optometrist) bitter in every year, and your lowness in order to examination aalHdqt spacious (telescope of the eye - Ophthalmoscope) research about marks of illness retinal diabetes or the injecting (Glaucoma), and she is widespread phenomenon in noticeable form between the hit in illness of diabetes.
Some experts present advice for patients of diabetes in measure examinations of the two eyes in manner alkalifies. That if not cherishes I have you any marks for the injury in illness retinal diabetes or the injecting. 

 The cholesterol examined (LDLWHDL) and the triple fats aaljlytsrydaat in case of the fasting: If your the stubborn levels were balanced (natural), so in your possibility measure of the examination bitter every other year.
Level of cholesterol kept on LDL 100 milligram alkalifies from for each 100 milliliter, and the preservation on level 70 milligram tried for each 100 milliliter about: The preservation be necessary - as much possible as - on level 150 milligram alkalifies from for each 100 milliliter, the triple fats aaljlytsrydaat. Likewise, on the men the preservation on level from cholesterol HDL superior from 40 milligram for each 100 milliliter, on the women the preservation at this level above 50 milligram for each 100 milliliter. 

The complete examination to the two feet suffice: Includes also test afforded you on the feeling in thin and flexible piece from the plastic .

fHS the Paul for the detection about the protein: Presence of the protein in the Paul he evidence on presence of damage may the colleges are followed in. In your possibility measure any one the next examinations: Stick of the urinary accurate albumin examined (Microalbuminuria), to measuring the quantitative protein in sample the Paul .fHS special for the urine for the detection about the urinary accurate albumin. Any of accurate measurement for quantity be clear the protein in the Paul.

If result one of this examinations was 30 micrograms or more than the protein for each keriatin in the Paul I have you, so who possible that the matter is pointing for presence of damage, in amount what, in the colleges I have you.

Other examinations be possible aajraau'haa:

- examination of the drunkenness in the blood.

- registration of the electrical effort (aalktrwmywjraam or EMG) and test of the nervous connection.

- measuring ABI (measure of the ankle and the arm).

The two eyes during the load examined: If you were holder, so Ali be necessary you measure examination telescope of the two eyes (Ophthalmoscope) during the months the three first of the load, and the continuation in observed closely throughout period of the load, general oasis of distance from the birth, the load be soft increases the risks of hit you in illness of the two eyes. If you were hit in illness the two eyes and carried, the transient illness may evil increases quickly.


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