Drug treatment for HIV fight diabetes

A recent medical study has demonstrated that the drug rituximab ' user ' in the treatment of some immune diseases has a role in slowing damage to the cells ' beta ' in the pancreas in type I diabetic patients.
The study included 81 patients suffering from the disease aged 8 and 40 of them were subjected to injection therapy by rituximab ' at the rate of one dose per week for four weeks, while the rest of the participants to the dose of a drug is fake article that asharrt the study. And follow up patients for two shows by subjected to medical examination and blood tests related to illness that participants who received weekly doses of the drug were able to produce more of the hormone insulin by pancreatic cells leading to reduce the intake of insulin doses used in

treatment. the study indicated that the drug rituximab ' user ' in treating immune diseases such as arthritis and alrthoet taken by injection to reduce the numbers of immune b-cells that cause inflammation occurs through destruction, Used in the treatment of some tumors, and it can be used as a treatment to prevent diabetes or recovering from illness or a patient's need to get doses of insulin.

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