Oral health is very important for people with diabetes

People with diabetes should pay close attention to the health and safety of the mouth. The initiative of the «proDente» in Cologne, Western Germany, that high blood sugar level enhances the chances of dental diseases, such as supporting tissue inflammation and tooth decay.

The German initiative that diabetics insulin deficiency leads to deposits on the walls of blood vessels, which can reduce blood flow to the gums, it also weakens the defense mechanism of dental tissues.

So it is possible that increasing numbers of bacteria in the oral cavity without any obstacles and then cause infection. The German initiative that high blood sugar level also reduces the flow of saliva, which reduces the strength of acids in the mouth and equivalent, so quickly is to attack the tooth enamel layer, resulting in occurrence of dental caries.

To maintain Dental Health Association recommends that the German diabetes

stimulating saliva flow by the mouth by eating dental care gum sugar free. If irritation or bleeding teeth, it should then go to the dentist.

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